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Textbook Purchasing

The campus store has partnered with MBS Direct, the largest online college bookstore system in the nation, to provide textbooks for the students of Rochester College. Books for any given semester are normally available from the online textbook store about one month prior to the beginning of each semester. The online textbook store offers new books, used books, ebooks, and book rentals 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The textbook site includes complete textbook information for each course, including titles, ISBNs, and pricing. Textbooks are not sold on campus.

Books may be purchased by credit card or financial aid voucher. Financial aid may not be used to pay for book rentals. Vouchers must be arranged through the student financial services office prior to a purchase and are available only when a credit balance is left on a student account after all semester expenses are paid or when funded by a third party (employer, veterans benefits, etc.). Once a voucher is approved, the student receives email notification with a voucher identification number that can be used to purchase textbooks from the online textbook store. Click here to access the online textbook store.

School Supplies

You may obtain a voucher to purchase school supplies and sportswear in the campus store. Such purchases must be for personal use and not for gift giving. You may ask for a campus store voucher when obtaining your textbook voucher from student financial services, or you may request a store voucher from student financial services at any other time during the year if you have a credit balance on your student account.

Textbook Buyback

At the end of each semester, books with resale value may be returned to the online textbook store. The online textbook store offers a 20% bonus in addition to the normal buyback price for books originally purchased from the online textbook store. Click here to access buyback information from the online textbook store.

Textbook Returns

Textbooks purchased through the online textbook store may be returned when meeting specific return criteria. Click here to access the return policy.